Итоговый тест 5 класс (учебник starlight 5)

Автор: Янс Райнир Питер

Дата публикации: 25.04.2016

Номер материала: 2102

Иностранный язык
5 Класс

Составитель: Янс Райнир Питер

Итоговый тест 5 класс (учебник starlight 5)

Name:                                                        Date:

Form:                                                        Mark:

  1. Choose the best answers: a, b, c.

1) We …understand this word.

A. aren’t

B. don’t

C. isn’t

2) She … shopping.

A. love

B. is love

C. loves

3) …. he working today?

A. Does

B. Do

C. Is

4) Where do they … football?

A. playing

B. plays

C. play

5) I … get up early on Sundays.

A. ‘m not

B. don’t

C. aren’t

6) Sam ... a new car.

A. have

B. haves

C. has

7) We … to the park this morning

A. could

B. went

C. were

8) Where … they going?

A. do

B. is

C. are

9) … they phone yesterday?

A. Were

B. Have

C. did

10) Let’s meet … 5.30.

A. on

B. for

C. at

11) How … are those shoes?

A. much

B. cost

C. many

12) He’s at … at the moment.

A. house

B. garden

C. home

13) I ... Sue’s friend at the party last night.

A. was meeting

B. have met

C. met

14) Tom … the new James Bond film yet.

A. hasn’t seen

B. isn’t seeing

C. didn’t see

15) I … to go out tonight. I’m too tired.

A. am not wanting

B. don’t want

C. can’t want

16) I saw Mike this afternoon. He … outside the school.

A. waited

B. did wait

C. was waiting

17) It … really hard at the moment.

A. rains

B. has rained

C. is raining

18) We’ve got … apples. Let’s make a pie.

A. a little

B. much

C. a few

19) There is … cereal in the cupboard.

A. many

B. a lot of

C. a few

20) I’ve had this  computer … two years.

A. since

B. yet

C. for

2. Make negative sentences and yes / no questions. 

Example: Tom often goes shopping.

Negative: Tom doesn’t often go shopping. Question: Does Tom often go shopping?

1) He can speak English well.                Negative: ______________         Question: __________________    

2) Kate drove to London on Sunday.                Negative: ______________         Question: __________________

3) I have to leave at 10.30.                        Negative: ______________        Question: __________________

4) She’s wearing her new dress.                Negative: ______________        Question: __________________

5) Sam’s parents often go to the restaurants.        Negative: ______________         Questions: _________________

3. Vocabulary: Complete the sentences with the correct word.

favourite, chores, looking for, curly, friendly to, mall, ancient, follow a map, parade, poisonous.

  1. The MOA, with over 520 shops, is the biggest shopping __________ in the USA.
  2. The Maasai have got short dark ______________ hair.
  3. I usually help my parents with the household ____________.
  4. Some snakes are so __________ . Be careful!
  5. I am ______________ a present for my brother.
  6. English is my ____________ subject.
  7. We are watching the carnival ____________ at the moment.
  8. In _____________ Egypt only rich boys could attend school.
  9. Chatuchak Weekend Market has got 15 000 stalls, you must ___________ when you walk around.
  10. Most cars are not ___________ the environment.

4. Comparatives/superlatives: fill in the correct form

  1. My father is _________ (tall) than my uncle.
  2. John is the ____________ (good) swimmer in our school.
  3. Russia is the ____________ (big) country in the world
  4. Chinese is _______________ (difficult) than English.
  5. February is the _____________ (cold) month of the year.

5. Choose the correct word.

  1. This is Paul / Paul’s mobile phone.
  2. Is this exercise book your / yours?
  3. Hers / Her birthday is in June.
  4. Whose / Who’s shoes are these?
  5. Where are the boy / boys’ jackets?
  6. I go to the gym in / on Sunday mornings.
  7. My father’s birthday is in / on May.
  8. Ben usually gets up in / at seven in / at the morning
  9. I do my homework in / on the evening.        

6. Open the brackets.

  1. What ________ (you/ do) at the moment? I _________ (watch) a science fiction film.
  2. I ___________ (like) your new dress. Green really suits you.
  3. What ___________ (they talk) about? I _____________ (not know).
  4. We ____________ (have) dinner at the moment.
  5. ________ (you/like) the Beatles?  Yes, I _________ .
  6. It  ____________ (rain) yesterday afternoon so we didn’t go to the park.
  7. We ______________ (live) on a farm when we were young.
  8. The ancient Phoenicians  _____________ (be) a great civilisation.
  9. The eruption of the Vesuvius ________________ (destroy) the city of Pompeii.
  10.  ________ (you/study)         yesterday at 5 o’clock in the afternoon?

Extra task. Find and correct mistakes in each sentence.

1) Come in! Jane’s in a garden. She reads.____________________________________________________

2) I am thinking it’s the more interesting film I’ve ever seen.______________________________________

3) This aren’t your book. It’s my. ___________________________________________________________

4) He’s driving very slow. Has he got the problem? ____________________________________________

5) I am not liking adventure films and I love comedies.__________________________________________

6) Our house is more big then Jane. ________________________________________________________

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