Конспект урока на тему: "The United States of America"

Автор: Шафигуллина Наиля Камилевна

Дата публикации: 10.03.2017

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Иностранный язык
4 Класс

                                        The United States of America

 Цели: 1. Развитие навыков монологической и диалогической речи,

                  чтения,  аудирования;

           2. Знакомство со страноведческим материалом по теме;

           3. Активизация употребления изученной лексики по теме «Америка»;

           4. Развитие логического мышления;

           5.  Привитие интереса, любви к изучаемому языку.

 Материал:  Верещагина И.Н, Афанасьева О.В. Английский язык (учебник для IV класса школ с углубленным изучением английского языка, лицеев и гимназий) –М.: Просвещение, 2008; Е.Г. Воронова. Английский язык. Тесты. Дидактические материалы: к учебнику И.Н.Верещагиной, О.В.Афанасьевой “English IV”. -М.: Айрис-пресс, 2007; «Иностранные языки в школе» №1, 2005; Way Ahead I (Macmillan).

  Оборудование: магнитофон, LCD проектор, карточки с рисунками по теме «Америка», рисунки учащихся.

 Ход урока.

 T: Good morning, girls and boys!

Today we have an unusual lesson because there is a guest in our class. He is from America. Do you want to know his name?

      -     His name is Mickey Mouse.

  • Who created it?

P1: Walt Disney created it.

T: Mickey Mouse is very curios, friendly and kind. He is proud of his country. That’s why he wants you to ask questions about America. We will talk about the history, symbols, holidays of America.  

I. T: First of all let’s talk  about the history of America.

T: Who discovered America?

P1: Christopher Columbus discovered America.

T: Where was Christopher Columbus born?

P2: He was born in Italy, but lived in Spain.

T: When did he discover America?

P3: He discovered America in 1492.

T: Is America a continent or an island?

P4: It is a continent.

T: What are the names of these two continents?

P5: North America and  South America.

T: What is the capital of America?

P6: Washington is the capital of America.

T: Who is the president of America?

P7:  …..  is the president of America.

T: What language do people speak in America?

P8: People speak American English in America.

T: The native Americans were Indians. Where did they live?

P9: They lived in small earth houses.

T: What did they eat?

P10: They ate nuts, fruit, fish.

T: What did native Americans believe in?

P11: They believed in many gods.

T: What are they?

P12: They are jeans.

T: Who made jeans?

P13: A tailor Levi Strauss made jeans.

T: Where did the tailor live?

P14: He lived in San Francisco.

T: Who wore the first jeans?

P15: Cowboys wore the first jeans.

T: Why did they wear jeans?

P16: There were a lot of snakes and long grass.

T: Do you wear jeans? Why?

II. T: The second interesting moment in America’s history is its holiday because Mickey Mouse likes to eat tasty food. He likes holidays very much. Thanksgiving Day is one of the nicest holidays in America.

T:  When do they celebrate it?

P1: They celebrate it in November.

T: What is the symbol of Thanksgiving Day?

P2: A roast turkey is the symbol of Thanksgiving Day.

T: What is the traditional food of Thanksgiving Day?

P3: Roast turkey, potatoes and pumpkin.

T: Why do they celebrate it?

P4: They want to thank God for good harvest.

III. T: Mickey Mouse says that there are a lot of symbols in America.

What are they? Can you name them?

P1: The American flag, the eagle, the statue of Liberty, a song.

T: The most important symbol is American flag. Look at the screen, read the sentences and fill in the words.

1) The American flag is red, white, and ....

2) There are 13 ... on the American flag.

3) There are fifty ... on the American flag.

4) There are fifty ... in the USA.

5) There are 3 ... on the flag of the USA.

6) You can see the American flag in … , … and … .

T: Ramziya, please, tell us about American flag. What do you know about it?

P2: The American flag is often called "The Stars and Stripes". There are three colours on the flag of the United States — red, white, and blue. As there are fifty states in the United States, there are fifty stars on the American flag: one star for each state.

   The American flag has thirteen stripes. The stripes are red and white. The     flag has seven red stripes and six white stripes. There is one stripe for each of the first thirteen colonies of the United States.

   People must know many things about the flag, for example: you should display it only during the day and you should fold it in a special way. In some schools there is a flag in each classroom, and children stand in front of the flag every day. You can see the American flag in shops and offices, in the streets and squares, in small towns and in big cities. You can see pictures of the American flag in newspapers and magazines. Americans are proud of their flag and display it in many places.

T: Mickey Mouse says that the statue of Liberty is one of the first things you see, when you arrive in New York by sea. Ilnaz, what you can say about it.

P3: One of the most famous symbols of the USA is the Statue of Liberty. France gave the statue to America in 1884 as a symbol of friendship. The Statue is in New York on Liberty Island. It is one of the first things people see when they arrive in New York by sea.

IV. T: Mickey Mouse also likes to study.

1. You should read the words and cross the odd one.

  1. discoverer, discover, settler,   tailor, sailor, hunter
  2. empty, interesting, golden, wooden, peace, dangerous
  3. sea, sailor, smoke, voyage, boat, ship
  4. turkey, snake, harvest, dolphin, parrot, wolf
  5. classroom, milkman, porridge, cowboy, blackboard, newspaper
  6. through, along, since, for, miss, under

2. Mickey Mouse is very polite. He likes “may” questions very much. Please, ask him questions and he will answer you. These word combinations will help you.

go to the cinema                                       open the window

take the book                                            swim in the river

buy a snake                                              play football

watch TV

  • May I buy two ice creams?
  • May I go to the shop?

V. T: America is a beautiful country. But we live in Russia and we like our country very much. I think our country is more beautiful than America.  We have wonderful cities: Moscow, Kazan. Niyaz, you know a poem. It is called “My people” by Langston Hughes.

   The night is beautiful,

   So the faces of my people.

   The stars are beautiful,

   So the eyes of my people.

   Beautiful also the sun.

   Beautiful also are the souls of my people.

T: Thank you, Niyaz. Children, let’s sing a song


In my country, we are happy.

In my country, we are happier.

In my country, we are the happiest of all.

In my country, we are friendly.

In my country, we are friendlier.

In my country, we're the friendliest of all.


My country, your country,

travel east or west.

 If north is good and south is better,

which land is the best?

    In my land, it's very sunny.

    In my land, it is sunnier.

    In my land, it's the sunniest of all.

    In my land, the skies are blue.

    In my land, they're bluer.

    In my land, they're the bluest of all.


My country, your country,

travel east or west.

If north is good and south is better,

which land is the best?

    In my land, the grass is green.

    In my land, it is greener.

    In my land, it's the greenest of all.

    In my land, it is peaceful.

    In my land, it's more peaceful.

    In my land, it's the most peaceful of all.


My country, your country,

travel east or west.

 If north is good and south is better,

which place is the best?

My country, your country,

travel east or west.

Learn to live with one another...

One world is the best.

One world is the best.

VI. Let’s learn a new poem “Friends”

(by Larry Groce)

The stars are out, the moon is up.

 It's time to go to bed.

I'm so glad you have a place

To lay your little head.

   Have a deep and peaceful sleep,

   Dream away the hours.

   When you wake the sun will come

   To smile upon the flowers.

Go to sleep, my little friend,

Beneath the evening star.

You will always have a friend,

 No matter where you are.  

- Please, read and say what the poem is about.

- Do you like it?

- What new words are there in the poem?

P: Beneath, matter, lay.  (отработка слов)

 - Listen to the poem.

 - Listen and repeat.

 - Please, read it. (2-3 ученика читают стихотворение)

 T: Your homework is to learn this poem by heart.

VII. A game. Make up as many words as you can out of the word:


VIII. T: You were wonderful today. Thank you for the lesson. Good bye.


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